Marketing a Franchise: The Benefits of a National Brand

Marketing a Franchise: The Benefits of a National Brand

open sign.jpgThere are a number of benefits to be had when investing in a franchise model, from the  business strategies to the varying start-up costs. But one area that franchisees can benefit most from is the use of a national brand name.

Not only are you investing in a tried-and-tested business formula that reduces your risks, but you’re also taking on a brand name that’s already known regionally and nationally. This enables you to start your business without having to build a reputation, which can take years.

Marketing a National Brand that’s Already Well Known      

When you take on a franchise, you’re taking on a brand name that’s already known within many households. This gives you instant access to a customer base because they’re already familiar with the brand, what it offers, and the pricing. This customer recognition is something that can take ages to build, and having an established customer base at your fingertips enables you to start driving sales straight away.

And, as is the case with many large brands, there are customers waiting for a franchise to open in their neighborhood. There’s no need for additional marketing because the brand name speaks volumes in itself.

Marketing Plans

Many franchisors will also help you with your marketing campaigns. And because they’ve implemented these nationally, they know what does and doesn’t work. This gives you the unbeatable advantage of having access to marketing strategies that are successful, rather than having to rely on trial and error.

This type of national marketing is something many small businesses wouldn’t be able to afford, which gives you an instant advantage over an independent business owner. And since all this marketing has been created as a guide for you, it allows you to focus on the task at hand – your business and its sales.

Advertising Campaigns

Many franchisors will take a monthly fee from their franchisees to cover a number of things, including advertising campaigns. While this may seem like an added expense when running a business, it does provide you with a multitude of advantages.

For example, rather than trying to get together enough money to run some advertising campaigns, you’re adding your money into a much bigger pot. This then enables the franchisor to run large, national advertising campaigns that reach out to millions of customers. Again, this is something no small business owner would be able to afford on their own. Investing in these types of advertisements may prove much more effective than small, low-cost regional ones.

Having a national brand name on your side when you open a business is paramount to its success. There’s no need for tirelessly trying to market your small business to prove yourself because this has already been done for you. And with access to national marketing and advertising campaigns, you have the peace of mind that your franchise is going to be at the forefront of customers minds.

The Dwyer Group works with 11 different national brand names, offering exceptional franchise opportunities within each. Discover your next venture today.

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