Marketing & Support - Home Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

The benefits of working with Molly Maid are virtually endless

  • You join the ranks of hundreds of Molly Maid franchisees located throughout the United States.
  • You work with a parent company that has established a highly respected brand name that has national and international recognition.
  • Your franchise will be backed by more than 30 years of industry experience and a proven business model tailored for your personal success
  • You will have endless access to training and support resources, including a Franchise Consultant (FC) and marketing strategies.

By choosing to own your very own house cleaning and maid service franchise, you will be taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have many new locations available, and each location has a prime pool of potential customers. We use state-of-the-art mapping software in order to determine the success of a new territory, and dig deeply into demographics and income. This will help ensure you that your new Molly Maid franchise is set up for success.

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How Our Ongoing Support Benefits You

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, there are obstacles associated with starting up a business. Starting your own business can become even more complex if you have little or no prior business experience. While starting your own business may sound appealing, there may be risks that are preventing you from taking the next step.

At Molly Maid, we recognize the complications that many new business owners encounter when starting a business. Even established business owners with decades of experience can run into potential pitfalls or hurdles. We strive to make the franchise ownership experience as seamless, simple, and stress-free as possible.

Your training will include:

  • Dedicated New Business Manager
  • Hands-on training with proprietary software programs
  • Detailed checklist for daily operations

Operations training will include:

  • Franchise Management
  • SOAR (Scale, Optimize, Apply, Rise) Program
  • Tools for Growth
  • Summer School

Training and support is provided both initially and for ongoing support reasons.
To learn more about the systems we offer to our franchise owners, please read on!

Sure Start and Training Program

Getting started on the right foot could mean the difference between success and disaster. Perhaps the most important moments in your business could be in the weeks and months leading up to the opening of your Molly Maid franchise. We want your decisions for all aspects of your business (including operations and management) to be informed and focused.

Your training will last for 6-8 weeks and will include:

  • Pre-training
  • On-site training
  • Owner training

With our Sure Start and Training Program, you will have the opportunity to attend an enjoyable and extensive training program. The seminar will take you step by step through every aspect of starting your own house cleaning franchise. All of our training resources will be pooled together to enhance your learning, and ultimately, to contribute to your success.

At Molly Maid, we know the value of a team. We recognize that it can be a tremendous stress reliever just knowing that our training team and franchise experts are only a phone call away. By creating a franchise partnership with Molly Maid, you won't ever be - or feel - alone.

You will have a team of seasoned professionals who are all dedicated to seeing your success. Because you will have an assigned Franchise Consultant (FC) devoted to your area, help is always within reach. Whether in-person, over the phone, or during our regional meetings, your FC is your steadfast supporter and developer. In addition to your FC, you will have the full support of our operations team, our marketing gurus, and our IT wizards.

Comprehensive Training Tools

At Molly Maid, we focus on what is important for the success of our franchisees. We want to see you succeed, and we do this by providing you with the support and training you need. From start-up consultations to follow-up marketing plans, we are always at your side.

We can make sure that you are on the cutting edge of customer service quality, management techniques, and business operating systems to keep your maid service franchise ahead of the competition. With our proven business model combined with our tools for success, we can help you make your house cleaning franchise as profitable as possible.

Business Management Software

We offer our franchise partners the best possible business management software available. With Molly Maid at your side, you can operate your house cleaning franchise using proprietary business management software that has been recognized and acclaimed by Bill Gates. We have achieved 1 st Place two times in the Windows World Open competition. Molly Maid is the only franchise company in the nation to have received this prestigious recognition on two occasions.

Increase Your Business & Your Profit

When you own your own Molly Maid business, one of the many benefits is the marketing resources that come with your investment. Your business will be backed by more than 30 years of proven business and marketing methods, all of which have been fine-tuned to ensure lasting success and profitability.

Our marketing support includes:

  • Dedicated marketing staff for support, guidance, and full-scale training
  • Continuous research studies for owners interested in testing new marketing products
  • Customer loyalty and retention initiatives
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media
  • Call-tracking, monitoring, and training initiatives
  • Nationally negotiated rates with key local marketing vendors

We access multiple channels to promote your business locally. In fact, from 2007 to 2013, we helped our franchise owners see more business than ever and web contacts increased by 441%! With Molly Maid, you will not be left hanging when it comes to business promotion. We will equip you with marketing resources that will have a steady stream of customers asking for service today, tomorrow, and many years into the future.

Comprehensive Marketing Services & Strategies

Online Advertising
From Search Engine Optimization and ad placement to paid online advertising, we are able to increase your exposure where people are looking for services like those offered at Molly Maid.

Social Media Account Management
With a recognizable name like Molly Maid, getting exposure can be easier than you think. Modern social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc. have become popular customer destinations. We can help you manage your online presence so you can focus on your business.

Customer Retention
At Molly Maid, keeping our customers coming back for repeat service is at the core of our business model. Even if you have sales and customer service experience, we help you hone your professional skills to make certain your loyal customers keep coming back.

Customer Feedback
In the residential services franchise industry, you have to know what customers are really saying. Molly Maid helps close the customer feedback loop, so you can continue to expand your customer base.

Local Business Marketing
We know that your day-to-day focus is growing your local market. That's why Molly Maid allocates resources to local franchise consumer marketing to locate customers who are close to you and are willing to utilize your services.

National Business Marketing
The core of a stable and mature franchise business model is a strong, inviting national brand name. Dwyer Group (our parent company) also prioritizes national marketing efforts so your reputation remains strong.

Dedicated Local Websites
Every franchise owner has a dedicated section on the Molly Maid website, so web searchers and search engines can easily find your business online. This way, you can generate business in local areas near you.

What does working with Molly Maid mean for you?

Simply put, working with Molly Maid means you will have access to a team of industry professionals and seasoned franchisors who are all committed to seeing your success. In this context, there will never be just one way to get the marketing support that you need. From a Franchise Consultant (FC) who can be reached at any time to endless access to training materials, working with Molly Maid means every aspect of your business is supported.

Preferred Vendor Discounts

At Molly Maid, as one of the Dwyer Group of brands, we are excited to offer franchisees the opportunity for membership in our preferred vendor discount and rebate program. ProTradeNet is an asset that greatly differentiates us from our competitors. With the power of this program, we are able to offer supplies and products to our franchisees at discounted prices not available to independent business owners. In addition, we offer a rebate program, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of annual rebates system-wide.

Regional and National Conferences

Molly Maid and the Dwyer Group offer regional and national conferences to give franchisees the opportunity to gather, share and learn together. There’s nothing like talking “shop” with fellow franchisees —they just understand the business! Each year the home-office goes above and beyond to provide training that brushes up on the basics and introduces new and exciting information.

Attending conferences is a sure way to recharge your batteries, keep up with residential cleaning industry news, trends and current events, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!