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Molly Maid’s repeat business, strong national brand recognition, and simple business model present owners with an opportunity for high income, security, and the time to enjoy their success.

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A Brand People Believe In

Molly Maid’s reputation as an established and reliable cleaning service translates into millions of repeat customers across the nation generating a predictable stream of revenue for our owners.

Than 90%

of Molly Maid’s appointments come from repeat customers.

Why Molly Maid

The Benefits
of Ownership

Recurring Revenue

Repeat customers with a 97% customer retention rate.

Lifestyle Franchise

8 AM to 5 PM
Monday — Friday

Cash Business

With no receivables!

“Molly Maid offered everything I was looking for and more. I was surprised how quickly the business grew—I had five cleaning teams in the first year.”

— Syd Speer, Molly Maid Owner

Molly Maid: Home Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Investing is about your business, your success, your future, and yourself!

Molly Maid is a rare cleaning franchise opportunity that offers you and your family a wonderful opportunity for financial success, a thriving present, and a golden future. We have hundreds of available territories all across the country, including locations where there is a high demand from under-served potential customers. Opportunity can literally be around every corner, so consider investing in yourself by joining the Molly Maid franchise family!

Speak with one of our Franchise Coaches to learn if you qualify and to learn more about this cleaning and maid service franchise opportunity!

Top-Rated Cleaning & Maid Service Franchise

Countless entrepreneurs and budding business professionals are looking for their ticket to success. Many consider starting their own business, but the risk associated with a start-up could be daunting. With franchising, you get the independence of starting your own business with the security of joining forces with a nationally recognized brand. Franchising with Molly Maid is a unique ownership opportunity unlike the more obvious but often more complicated such as those in the food, fitness and health categories. With our 30-year history, we know how to set up our franchisees and owners for undeniable success and long-term financial growth.

Why have hundreds of individuals chosen Molly Maid? Our reputation makes it easy to work with our profit-driven business model:

  • 97% customer retention leads to recurring and predictable revenue
  • Dependable source of income due to repeat business from a wide base of loyal customers
  • Flexible hours based on the lifestyles of our franchisees and customers
  • Low overhead costs and a cash business with no receivables

It only takes one step to start your journey to success. If you are ready to move forward with your investment opportunity, we're ready to hear from you. To learn more about the benefits of ownership and how partnering with Molly Maid can be a mutually advantageous business move, call us today!

Your Success is Our Success

By choosing to invest in your future with Molly Maid, you can take great steps toward protecting your financial interests for the long run. We equip our franchise owners with initial training and support, as well as the ongoing tools, resources, and information they need to succeed. This means securing a predictable source of revenue from a loyal client base, allowing you to live the lifestyle you have always wanted.

With Molly Maid, you are never alone in the business world. We back you with:

You can begin to invest in a business model with exceptional initial training, ongoing support, and follow-up encouragement from dozens of full-time franchise professionals. We always work side-by-side with our franchise owners, ensuring their road to future success and long-term profitability is a road with minimal setbacks and unexpected turns.

Invest in your future by investing in a home cleaning franchise!

With hundreds of new territories and countless resale business opportunities from coast to coast, why wouldn't you take advantage of starting your own Molly Maid franchise? From flexible support to industry-leading strategies for success, we are devoted to seeing our franchisees accomplish their business goals.

You may be the right fit for Molly Maid if you are willing to do the following:

  • You must strive to provide exceptional customer service every time.
  • You must maintain Molly Maid's strong national and international brand recognition.
  • You must uphold the highest possible professional standards.
  • You must constantly strive to make high-income success attainable.
  • You must be financially responsible and accountable.

Opportunity is knocking on your door. Are you ready to answer? To learn if you qualify for a maid service franchising opportunity, speak with one of our Franchise Coaches as soon as possible. We can help you determine if you meet our professional standards and financial requirements.

Learn more about how you could benefit from this opportunity. Take the first step towards becoming a house cleaning franchise owner! Call Molly Maid at 888-812-9803.

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  • Elena Brooks Molly Maid Owner

    Molly Maid allows us to have repeat customers. In fact, even in a down economy, we have seen an increase in our business.

  • Greg Perkins Molly Maid Owner

    Molly Maid allows me to make a difference in the lives of many other people while supporting my family in a comfortable manner.

  • Mark & Sarah Buchanan Molly Maid Owner

    The family/life balance was clearly something we could manage with this business. I am ultimately responsible for my results.

  • Michael Silva Nash Molly Maid Owner

    Molly Maid has a great system set in place. All you have to do is implement the systems and use the material provided to succeed.

The Molly Maid Difference

“The secret sauce for Molly Maid is how we go about the business and the support system behind the business.”

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